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Thank you to everyone who ventured out through the snow storms yesterday, Monday 8th February 2021. Stocks are a little bit improved today, as you have hopefully seen from our social media posts, but regrettably our dairy have still been unable to get through!! We are hoping milks, creams and yoghurts may be delivered for tomorrow, and should be plentiful. Fortunately fresh bread and fruit and vegetables all made it through this morning, as well as solid fuels and logs and kindling, so should you need any of these, please call in.

Regrettably we are unable to offer a full home delivery service, due to the snow. The roads into the village are passable with care, but side roads are still lethal, and buried under 8" of snow! For this reason, home deliveries will be exclusively for those who are shielding, the elderly and the vulnerable for the next few days. This may also be limited through necessity to a bag or two, which one of our personnel may comfortably carry on foot to your residence! Please may we ask that if you are venturing out to the shop and have elderly neighbours etc, enquire as to whether they require any shopping doing for them, to assist us during this slightly frozen time!

Our thanks go also to Bradley and Laura, whom have both worked additional hours at short notice, this last few days, when other staff were unable to get into work! Special thanks also to James Gadd, who kindly arose from his bed at 6am this morning, to ferry two staff members in to work in his Land Rover Defender, so that we could open up today!!!


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