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Amazon Hub!

We are delighted to inform you that we are now an official AMAZON HUB.

This means that when purchasing upon Amazon customers who are unsure as to whether they may be at home at the time of their Amazon delivery, may now have it sent securely and safely to our Post Office for safe-keeping for up to 14 days. When the package is delivered by the courier it is then scanned into our hub, and the customer will receive an email or text to alert them it is here, and provide them with a numerical passcode which they bring in when they come to collect their goods.

When purchasing goods from Amazon, select DELIVERY TO AN AMAZON HUB, and this will bring you up a list of locations nearby. Select AMAZON HUB COUNTER POST OFFICE ORFORD, to have your goods delivered here at no extra cost to yourselves. You may even save this as one of your regular addresses for delivery.


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