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Royal Mail Christmas Post.

This year both Royal Mail and Parcel Force, are predicting a large increase in demand for their services, due to Coronavirus, as many people face posting presents and cards, as opposed to their regular personal delivery. For this reason, Royal Mail are encouraging their customers, via television/radio advertising and social media, to post their parcels early! We would also encourage you to do this, to prevent disappointment, and ensure your parcels arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. Last posting dates are already published, for both UK and International Mail, but again, please do not leave your posting to the last date, to avoid any potential future restrictions, that individual countries, or areas, may face. Please allow PLENTY of time, for all Royal Mail and Parcel Force mail, to reach their destination.

If you regularly send parcels, you will be familiar with our phrase, " For safety purposes, may I ask you, what is inside the parcel?" This is a legal obligation, that we are forced to enquire, due to the quantity of every day goods, which could prove to be flammable, hazardous, or explosive in the mail. Products such as toiletries, lithium batteries inside computers/phones/cameras, alcohol, nail varnish etc, plus many more, can all be incendary, and therefore may be restricted, or prohibited, and many that are restricted within the UK, will be prohibited internationally. Certain products, such as alcohol, liquid products, lithium batteries etc, also face strict packaging requirements!

To avoid any disappointment, or inconvenience, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself, with all the regulations, via the Royal Mail Website/ Parcel Force Website, www, or


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