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What is there to do in Orford?

The Suffolk Coast attracts all walks of life; however, Orford notably contain all which makes tourism thrive in all seasons and excite all ages.

Firstly, at the hub of the village lies Orford General Stores, a village shop which cater for both locals and tourists. Since 2016 the employees at the store have focused on revamping the village shop experience by promoting free deliveries in a 10 mile radius and developing a new online store for both locals and across the UK.

A few yards from the store you will find Pump Street Bakery, a delightful and famous bakery which provide breads, pastries and chocolate, all of which have been prepared in the local area. When planning a day in Orford make sure you treat yourself to a jam doughnut.

If you are feeling peckish there is a selection of restaurants that can cater for all your needs. Opposite the village store you will find the Kings Head, a 13th century village pub that provides hearty food and a local drop of the Adnams Ghostship and Broadside. The Pub also boasts a dog friendly environment!

If you would like to try the local Suffolk seafood, visit the Oysterage located in the village square. The village boats will send the catch of the day straight to your plate. Make sure you also make a visit to Pinney's of Orford which will provide a large range of smoked produce.

For a family day out we would recommend Orford Castle, a 12th Century building managed by the English Heritage, here you will find a Keep filled with history from medieval times to post WW2. Additionally, the Quay will also keep children and adults occupied with the local footpaths and crabbing. Crabbing nets, buckets and lines can be bought from Orford General Store.

For more information on what you can do in Orford, visit sights such as Visit Suffolk (, or visit the local Garage, Recreation Club by the local Primary School, or contact the Parish Council.


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