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Our amazing Albino Blackbird!

Here at Orford General Stores, we are well known for our personnel's deep love of all feathered and furred creatures! Every year, we feed loads of fledgling blackbirds, and their parents, usually adopting any less fortunate, or healthy birds, as projects and pets! These are usually provided with the obligatory, comical name, such as Wonky-Wing, Hop-Along, Broken Beak etc. These usually become really tame, and we have the joy, of befriending them, hand feeding them, and in certain cases, stroking them. Customers are always amazed, by just how friendly these birds become, and how fearless of humans that they are.

This year however, from the start of summer, we were aware of one blackbird, who really did stand out from the rest, a rare semi-albino blackbird. Estimations from the RSPB, suggest that only about 50 of such birds, are hatched each year. Many however, do not survive, as due to their beautiful markings, and differences, they are picked on and hunted by other birds, even their own species.

Keep an eye out for him, (named Tit-Bit, I did warn you that they received comical names,) and you might just be rewarded with an opportunity, to view, a rare and unusual bird.


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