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Now that the UK has left the EU, this has bought about some major changes to the way in which goods being sent to the European Union can be sent. Customs forms must be completed, and must be filled in in BLOCK CAPITALS, listing EVERY ITEM, and its' INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT for EACH ITEM! We can provide an official weight for a total, at the end, but YOU will need to declare every item that is listed, its' value and its's weight.

We have been informed today (11/01/21,) that any forms not completed correctly, will mean that the items will not be sent, and will be returned to sender. No refund for postage costs may be provided.

Please also investigate the maximum financial costs of goods, that can be sent to each relevant country, before incurring customs charges for the recipient within that country! As yet Royal Mail has not provided its' branches with a list of charges, which can be levied for each individual EU country, and the total cost of goods which may be sent, before the recipient receives a customs charge! As soon as we have this information, we will publish it, to help you.

Please note that under our duties as Post Office Clerks, we have to ensure that forms are correctly filled in, before we can process them. We can provide assistance should you need clarification, but we are not permitted to complete these forms for you.


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