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New Butcher arriving soon!

We are delighted to announce that, as of Tuesday 27th October 2020, we will be working closely with, and stocking products, from the amazing Friday Street Farm Shop Butchery. Their product range, of locally sourced meats and game, and kitchen-ready prepared meals, will enable us to provide additional lines, and offer an in-house ordering system, permitting you to place your usual regular orders with them, directly through us, saving you time and money upon travelling. With Christmas only just around the corner, this means we will once again, be able to provide you, with seasonal top-quality turkeys, geese, hams, beef, sausages and bacons etc.

If you are coming to Orford, or one of its surrounding villages over the festive period, why not consider ordering, prior to your arrival, to ensure availability. Telephone- 01394 450204, or email-

Friday Street Butchery have a good, loyal following within the local area, and our own community, and therefore, we look forward to working with them, to provide you, with top-quality, locally sourced, compassionately raised products, at reasonable prices.

Our thanks go especially, to Ian Manthorpe, and James Blythe, and all the rest of the team at Friday Street Butchers.


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