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It's going to get cold!!

This weekends weather is predicted to get exceptionally cold, with snow and gale force winds culminating to provide blizzard like conditions. Although it is our intention to trade tomorrow,(Sunday 7th February 2021,) and we have plans in place to facilitate this, this is dependent upon not only the weather conditions upon our arrival, but also upon the weather conditions that our personnel face, whilst travelling to work.

With temperatures forecast to drop as low as -7degrees-celsius, we may have to take the decision to limit some of our fruit and vegetable ranges, to prevent them perishing. As such, we would advise you to plan accordingly for the next few days, and try to complete as much shopping as possible today, to ensure that we can provide the services and ranges that you require. We have good stocks of house coals, smokeless fuels, logs and kindling too, should you require them to keep your home warm. We also offer a free home delivery service, to Orford and its' surrounding villages, and are happy to deliver coals, logs and kindling, and shopping for those that require them today, ahead of the forecast bad weather. We would advise you to order today. as we cannot guarantee deliveries over the next few days, until we may see what challenges the weather may potentially bring, but as usual, all our personnel will try their best to assist in these uncertain times.

All our logs and kindling, are sourced from an Approved Wood Fuel Merchant, and coals from an Approved Coal Merchant, to guarantee quality, and minimum water contents etc.

Please keep safe and warm over the next few days.


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