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Christmas Wreath

Next time you are passing the shop, please take a moment to admire the skills and handiwork, of one of our favourite customers Julie Reed. This amazing lady, has kindly made and gifted, this huge three feet wide Christmas wreath, to us all here, at Orford General Store. Furthermore, she has even made some small varieties, for us to retail instore, brightening up the front of the shop, with seasonal colours and greenery.

We have been so blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts, from our customers this year, ranging from home-made cakes, bottles of drinks, chocolates, flowers, cards, and letters etc. Every one has been so kind, and appreciative of the services that our small team has provided, throughout this pandemic. If nothing else good, comes from this dreadful illness, it has united our community, and emphasised once more, just how essential our village shop is to village

life, especially in times of adversity.


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