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It is generally believed and forecast, that Royal Mail and Post Office, are preparing for an exceptionally busy period this festive season, as many families will possibly be unable to meet, and celebrate Christmas in their usual way in 2020. As such, Royal Mail and Parcel Force , are both predicting a significant increase in the volumes of parcels and mail, which will be dispatched this year. With the addition of all the complications caused by coronavirus, Royal Mail are taking this opportunity to encourage everyone to post early. Many sorting and delivery offices, are running upon reduced personnel, with many forced to stay away from work and self-isolate. In addition, with the limited number of commercial flights leaving the UK, competition for air-freight has become fierce, increasing costs to Royal Mail and other commercial providers.

Consequentially, Royal Mail would like to take this opportunity, to encourage anyone, who has parcels or mail, that must be delivered/received prior to Christmas, to please post early. Do not take the risk, of your mail being delayed, and disappointment this festive season, especially for mail being dispatched abroad. Services to selected countries have already been suspended, following increases in Coronavirus case loads, and economy mail services to most countries have now ended. Royal Mail have also advised, that last posting dates to Australia and New Zealand, have been amended, to Friday 4th December, due to significant delays, (circa three weeks,) that incoming parcels are currently facing.

We encourage all our customers to post early this year. Our Post Office will be trading:

Monday- Friday 8.30am-4pm

Saturday 8.30am-1pm, &, 2pm-5pm

Sunday 10am-1pm, &, 2pm-4pm.

Please be prepared, post early, and try to enjoy Christmas 2020.


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