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Christmas in Orford?

Following the Prime Ministers announcement, that once the UK devolved governments, have decided upon a conclusive agreement, covering all four countries, it would appear, that many people may now be able, to arrive/stay in Orford during the festive period.

For anyone concerned, that they may not be able to arrive, prior to the 24th December, please do not be worried, that you will be unable to get your Christmas Foods. We are more than happy, to take customer orders in advance, for all, or any of your requirements during this busy festive period, including meats such as local free-range turkeys, geese, ducks, hams etc, plus fruit and vegetables, and any other products that you may require. If you wish to place an order, or discuss your requirements, please email-

Our shop will be trading, until 4pm upon Christmas Eve, allowing plenty of time for collection of goods.

We will then close, until Monday 28th December, opening at 8.30am.


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