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Christmas gift Cards.

With Christmas fast approaching, and our ability to visit retail businesses sadly reduced, many people are beginning to wonder what to purchase for their friends and family, that they can post easily and economically, as our opportunities for personal visits may be limited this year! Before you consider purchasing store gift cards, be aware that Martin Lewis, of Money Saving Expert fame, is advising customers of the perils of purchasing such cards, with their limited life-span, and the worry of the financial viability of any individual company! He has however, advised the purchase of One4All gift cards, from the Post Office, which may be utilised in over 130 High Street brands, in 55,00 locations, both instore and online, providing the recipient with a much increased range of premises, in which to spend them.

One4All gift cards, also have the added security of your moneys security, being guaranteed by The Post Office. Standard cards can be purchased from £10 to £120, but higher denominations are available, up to £500.

In addition for any employers wishing to reward their staff this Christmas, purchasing a gift card from One4All, is a far more economical way to do so, than adding to their payroll, for yourself. A gift of £50 made through payroll, would cost the employer £98.10, with the addition of taxes and National insurance, an additional £48.10 more!

Pop instore to purchase, and sort your Christmas gifting problems, ahead of the festivities.


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