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BBC Radio Suffolk.

We were very excited to open our mail today, and find we had received an award from BBC Radio Suffolk, to thank all our amazing staff, for all their hard work, and contribution to our community, during this awful pandemic. The whole team have worked incredibly hard, and been so supportive. This little shop, would never be here, as it is, without all our wonderful team.

In addition, Sue Cox was invited onto BBC Radio Suffolk, to discuss Christmas 2020 trading hours, for both ourselves, and other retailers. Sue firmly believes that 2020 has been incredibly tough, for all retail personnel, with the challenges that they have all faced, and that this year, every employer, should be rewarding their employees, for their loyalty, long hours and patience, by ensuring that they have the opportunity to take at least three days consecutive rest over the festive period. This is something that is so important to us all here, and we will be ensuring that all our staff have the opportunity, to relax and enjoy their Christmas.


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