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Countryside Alliance awards!

Upon Wednesday 19th June 2019, Sue Snowdon & Sue Cox, (formerly Gadd,) had the huge honour and privilege, to attend the Countryside Alliance Awards, Champions Reception, at The House of Lords.

The Countryside Alliance awards, are held every year, to reward local businesses, who go the extra mile, to provide an excellent service, to their rural communities. We were

nominated, in the category for, Britains' Best Village Shop & Post Office, and were astounded, to even make the judging stages, let alone become Regional Finalists, and then Regional Winners!

The whole experience has been so very humbling for us both, and our small team, as the awards are based upon customer voting, and to read, so many of the wonderful comments, that were written, about our small store, made us feel very proud of our team, and all their hard work, and so very grateful, to all our wonderful, generous, appreciative customers, who took the time, to go online, and vote for us. Many thanks.

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