Welcome to Orford General Store.
We hope this website provides you with all the information you could require ahead of your visit, and additional information in relation to Orford and it's surrounding villages. We look forward to seeing you.
We are happy to offer free home deliveries to Orford and its' immediate surrounding villages, for those who are unable to leave their residence, as they are required to isolate. To assist us in this, as we progress towards our busiest season, please may we ask you to email in your order, (orfordgeneralstoresorders@gmail.com) prior to 10am upon the day it is required, including your name, address and contact telephone number. Orders received after 10am, may have to be added to the following days, dependent upon quantities received. We will then happily process your order, telephone for a card payment, and release your order for home delivery. Orders are usually delivered late afternoon, and you will receive a knock upon your door, to alert you to their arrival, whilst our driver retreats.
If you require an order to be prepared for collection by family/friends, this must also be received no later than 10am please
For those who prefer to shop in person, (and we really are enjoying getting to see so many of you again now,) we have implemented the following guidelines, for yours and our personnel safety.
1) We are limiting the number of customers permitted in the store to four. Please be mindful of other customers queueing, and enter using one person, per household/group, during busy times, to allow everyone to be served.
2) As of 19th July 2021, it is not mandatory to wear a face covering in all shops, however following our mandatory required Business Covid Risk Assesment, we will be insisting that all customers still wear a mask, to protect our personnel and their vulnerable families, as well as our elderly local resident community. Please put your mask on, covering both your nose and mouth, and then sanitise your hands. Please then take one of our shopping baskets, before selecting produce and products.
We politely ask you not to utilise your own shopping bags to accrue your goods as you shop, as we are trying to minimise contact, for all our safety.
3) Please pay  upon card where possible, but we will also continue to accept cash if that is your preference.
4)We have temporarily suspended our loyalty cards, to minimise contact between our personnel and customers, but please do retain them somewhere secure, as these will be introduced again, whenever it is safe to do so. Points attained prior to this pandemic, will remain current.
Please bear with us as we all go through these difficult times. Like many tourist based businesses we are struggling to recruit personnel, so please may we ask your tolerance, respect and patience, with those that are currently working. Many have given up their free-time and holidays to be here and provide a service for you. All our personnel are working exceptionally hard to protect you, including regular sanitising of baskets, key pads and touch points around the store. Please follow their instructions when shopping with us, to keep both yourself, and our whole community safe. These are difficult times for everybody, but we hope that by working together as a community, we can minimise any transmission, and be there for all those who need us. Our very best wishes to you all. Keep safe.


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